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The next conference of the Allies was held in Moscow October 920, 1944, between Churchill and Stalin, with.S. CAI Italy Corpo Aero Italiano. EDO USA Engineering Duty Officer Edom UK Practire QRA for bombers. Sultan thereupon decided to push farther southward, both on the right against Kyaukme, on the Burma Road northeast of Mandalay, and on the left against Wan-ting. Numbers are unique for ships, names are not; CV-5 Yorktown and CV-10 Yorktown are different

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ships, but CV-12 'Kearsage' and 'Hornet' indicates that the ship was renamed. Belgrade fell to a concerted action by the Red Army and Titos Partisan forces on October 20, 1944; and a rapid drive from the Transylvanian sector into the Hungarian Plain brought Soviet forces up to the suburbs of Budapest on November.

And British forces had had a combined superiority of 20 to 1 in tanks and 25 to 1 in aircraft over the Germans, but by November 1944 the Germans still held both the Ruhr Valley and the Saarland, after having been so near collapse. Altogether, the defense of Leyte cost the Japanese some 75,000 combatants killed or taken prisoner. Cads UK Concealed Approach and Departure Points. Clara USA Codename for the Japanese Tachikwawa.70 reconaissance aircraft. Dins Digital Inertial Navigation System Disclipined Guard USA Operation to provide aircover for UN forces in Bosnia. Combat Pink USA Boeing RC-135U, sigint aircraft. Combined with the astovl project at the insistence of the US Congress. Org m fo t annuaire-enum. Eurofar Europe European Future Advanced Rotorcraft. Dave USA Codename for the Japanese Nakajima E8N floatplane -DB DB Depth bomb DBA-GK ussr Supreme Command's Long Range Bomber Arm; replaced the AON (see there) in 1940.

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